Cytomegalovirus IgG Rapid Test Kit(Colloidal Gold)

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The Cytomegalovirus IgG (CMV) Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal Gold) is used to detect the Cytomegalovirus IgG antibody in serum /plasma qualitatively. It is used as an aid in the diagnostic of past infection and epidemiological investigation.

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The test utilizes antibodies including a recombinant CMV antigen and goat anti-mouse IgG antibody on the nitrocellulose membrane with colloidal gold marked anti-human IgG as a mark tracer. The reagent is used to detect the CMV IgG according to the principle of capture method and gold immunochromatography assay. The sample mixing up anti-human IgG–marker move along the membrane to the T line, and form the T line with recombinant CMV antigen when the sample contains CMV IgG, which is a positive result. Conversely, it is a negative result.

Product Features

Fast results

Reliable, high performance

Convenient: Simple operation, no equipment required

Simple Storage: Room temperature

Product Specification

Principle Chromatographic immunoassay
Format Cassette
Certificate CE,NMPA
Specimen Serum / plasma
Specification 20T / 40T
Storage temperature 4-30℃
Shelf life 18 months

Ordering Information

Product name Pack Specimen
Cytomegalovirus IgG Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal Gold) 20T;40T Serum / plasma

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